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Anger Control In Marriage


Anger Control in Marriage

Anger hurts those who express it and those who are target of it. Anger destroys dating. Anger destroys marriages. Anger destroys relationships. In order to take charge of your temper you need:

  • to appreciate the full extent of the consequences of uncontrolled anger
  • to understand the root causes of the problem
  • to find some remedies for your anger

Anger at spouse or children with accompanying abuse shatters self esteem of the victim and cripple their confidence. This leaves person starved for affection leaving them passive, dependent and extremely vulnerabl to others who promise love. Read More.


Anger Control in Marriage

In this video we will examine anger control strategies after an incident with your partner. When is it safe to consider the eposide past? That is, how long do you have to wait until you can start relating to your partner without triggering another angry outburst.

Each case has to be evaluated on the basis of body language, tone of voice and behaviour. If, however, you really believe it safe to address your partner then consider the following guidelines:

Do not deny the incident:

On the surface your spouse has returned to normal after an angry outburst. In fact they may be treating you with more respect. Indeed it seems that the incident never even took place. Did your partner really forget the eposide or are they merely trying... Read More.


Anger Control in Marriage

Any failure in rearing a child can, in part, be attributed to poor parenting rather than character flaws of the child himself. To avoid this, parents should reframe displaying marital conflict in front of the child..

Conflict is not itself harmful; it is the degree of conflict that can cause harm to the child. Beneficial conflict are mild disagreements between parents. Here discussion remains calm, there is no long term animosity and a mutual satisfying solution is reached. It here that children learn the critical social skills of compromise and negotiation.

Harmful conflict involves hostility expressed through shouting and insults which in some cases can mutate to violence. Such conflict has the following negative effects on the child: Read More.

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