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How To Connect Without Being Vulnerable


Be yourself when dating

It is common knowledge that people feel more comfortable in certain situations than others. In dating this is crucial to know to maximize your confidence to approach someone or be approachable. So it may be helpful to use the following parameters to select which situations are best for you:

One: Large crowds versus small gatherings

Two: Specific get togethers for dating versus more general groups for education or recreational activities

Three:Direct face to face communication versus distance interaction via dating sites, webchats, e-mails etc.

The above list is certainly not exhaustive and doubtless you think of more. However, your focus should be to identify your key strengths and how they come out in certain situations. This all gravitates to the ability to be yourself instead of either remaining silent or hiding behind a façade which inevitably the other party will see through and not respect. Just be yourself and accept rejection if it comes because you have your own identity that is unique and is not invalidated by people’s subjective perceptions. In our next video we will examine this theme further by seeing how expectations of finding true love has to be balanced with fear of being rejected.

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