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Confidence In Dating

Confidence in Dating

Have you been rejected for the most inane reasons that have nothing to do with whom you really are? In this video we are going to discuss how to not only accept rejections but even to grow from them.

Compare a date to taking an exam. Can you judge a personís soul by subjecting it to a few and often misleading impressions. Certainly not but thatís what people do this all the time.

Some people find it difficult to date and marry because:

  • They lack of networking skills
  • Have limited presentation
  • Are situation sensitive. That is, they only activate in certain circumstances and in fact are frightened of crowds which most people find it invigorating


In addition to being introverted some people suffer from

Given all this the likelihood of rejection increases which becomes self reinforcing as it erodes confidence.

So how to how do you address these issues?

The underlying assumption is that your soul is infinite. You are important irrespective of what anyone else may say. It is this which will give you the emotional indepedence to maintain your composure irrespective of what others may do. Remember people can say more about themselves when they reject others. So here are a few tips to increase your odds of finding the right one.

Judge people favourably and you will be judged the same way
But remember our introduction about fleeing impressions? If you take the time to look at someone from a different angle then you are saying something about yourself. And in doing so you are giving your date emotional security that will make him or her more inclined to view you more favourably

Networking and presentation skills
Think of situations were you were able to project yourself positively. Are you able to duplicate that situation and build upon it further. Remember the likelihood of people responding positively to you is when you offer something of value. People involved in communal activities, inspirational speakers, public event organisers and so forth have a far greater chance of not only meeting people but quickly develop confidence. Western society emphasizes ego gratification and self centredness. Think outside the box, break convention and identify situations were you can give and not take. This should significantly enhance your dating prospects.

Niches and specialities
People who are situation sensitive and or are a specific personality type see these as limiting factors. However, it is these very same things which are sources of strength and inspiration because they make a person stand out from the crowd. Identifying your own unique potentials which enable you to project your personality and avoid the mistake of robbing your identity by copying someone else. Think of a speciality, an attribute or anything that is a reflection of your individuality which people can note and potentially gain from. This is a vital factor in projecting yourself positively to a potential date.

Role Models
People who have overcome major handicaps are an inspiration to all. These individuals have conclusively shown that problems no matter how great can be overcome. In the dating world, role models are vital to show how things can be done while minimizing the pain of trial and error. Try to attach yourself to someone who has succeeded in dating and marriage and learn from them by example. Even more importantly is to find someone who has not only encountered significantly issues like a divorce but have actually grown from it. Introspection is vital to understand your limitations and address them through someone elseís experiences.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. However, even one step, however small, can result in a major shift in mindset that you open the door to successful dating and marriage.

So for more examples on this and other dating tips please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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