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Dating More Than One Person Rules


Dating More Than One Person Rules

Networking skills are vital to the dating process. After all the less choice you have then the harder it is to find your match. However, going to the opposite extreme and dating several people at once detracts from your chances of finding your match instead of increasing it. This is because it is more difficult to focus on any one person coupled with the expectation that someone better is always going to come along.

Think of it this way: What will happen if the person you were dating founds out that you were dating someone else. They will hurt. They will feel cheapened. But just as importantly they will not trust you and probably warn others not to do so either. So just pause and reflect for a moment. If you are blessed with networking skills then use those skills to search for your match instead of exploiting others. And perhaps even better use your networking skills to help others find their true life partner.

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