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First Date Tips


Dating is more prone to failure than most other things. So to cope with any setbacks here are some tips:

First, dating is a learning curve. Sometimes it is not clear what went wrong on a date, but it is imperative to find out to avoid repetitive self defeating patterns.

Second, a failure on one date does not predicate failure in the next date as people and situations vary significantly from one moment to the next

Third, networking is essential so hook into some social circle.

For many this is difficult but once achieved it can dramatically increase your chances of finding your partner.

Fourth, take insults. Whether someone abuses you for what they percieve as a mistake it is imperative to exercise anger control to contain the damage.

Fifth, deal with vulnerability. The dating process requires that you open up. For many, especially those who have been hurt in their relationships, this is difficult as one has the natural impulse to avoid pain again. However, without opening up your date simply will not get to know you and in the absence of any connection will not continue into the next meeting.

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