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How Can I Date If I Am Not Physically Attractive?


How can I date if I am not physically attractive?

Concerned that you are not overly physically attractive? Do you think that this is hindering your dating prospects? Contrary to popular belief, having good looks is actually a disadvantage because it can have a very blinding effect on both parties.

But this is not an excuse to pay attention to one’s looks. Rather one should concentrate on projecting yourself holistically. In other words, the so called average looks actually confers an advantage in that one is more inclined to concentrate on presenting oneself as a person and not merely an object. It is personality and looks by their very partnership which confers the best chance of finding your match.

So how can you best project yourself to attract someone you like? The underlying issue is security. If someone shows appreciation of what you have accomplished rather than what you are merely born with then this is the ulimate barometer of one’s desirability.

In other words you focus on the person not on an image and not on his/her circumstances. This is the real person which you have to live with and is basis of having security which is so vital to a relationship.

Individuals who are especially attractive are bombarded with attention that has no real reflection upon themselves potentially causing ego problems and creating the burden of having to filter out who is really suitable and who is not. Often these individuals fail to develop themselves.

The former is what you are born with while the latter is what you acquire. Therefore to attract a person and to see if you are trully attractive then emphasize what your date has accomplished, their manner, style and traits.

In this video we will shatter the misconception that being overly attractive will make dating easier. This does not mean that looks are not important and that it does not deserver attention. Rather, ascetics have to balanced with attention to personality which is the ulimate barometer of one’s desirability.

In Western society we are bombarded with movies, pictures and graphics which emphasize one thing – looks. It therefore only natural that both men and women not only innately need physical attraction but such attaction is given even more emphasis. We therefore have our physical desires excessively stimulated but are not given the perspective nor skills to control these desires, see past the looks and view the actual person. Indeed media excerbates things by giving misleading projections on how we are to express our physical desires withou any sensitivity and responsibility.

So for more examples on this and other dating tips please subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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