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How To Gain Trust In A Relationship


Gaining by giving

Ever wondered how couples who have so much wealth, status and physical appeal still divorce while others still stay together even under adverse conditions. In some cases itís lack of personality compatibility but for others the reason is deeper.

To understand this look at an orchestra. It is composed of many different instruments yet they all succeed in producing music together. This degree of harmony is such that even if one instrument is out of key then the whole performance can be ruined. It is both the difference between instruments and their ability work together that can produce rich and harmonious sounds that no single instrument can achive in its own right. So it is with marriage.

Each partner in a marriage is a universe in their own right.

Human beings are not some innate object in a heirarchy dictated by the constrictive methodology of science which in turn is often ruled by human bias. It is the realisation that somone has so much to offer that can create a union which is more than the some of it parts.

However, even with such a realisation marriages fail because people under utilise what they themselves have to offer to their partner. This is because they concentrate on their own immediate needs and how to use somoene else to met them.

There is no doubt that popular media, lack of experience, poor guidance and the absence of role models are to blame for this. However, there is also the innate tendency of human beings to be selfish. This extends from satiating oneís immediate needs to creating an endless stream of wants. It is therefore not surprising that wealth, status and physical appearances instead of fostering marriage are the very same things that can contribute to divorces.

So how can couple bond in a marriage? The answer ironically is not to satiates ones wants but instead to starve them. The less one has then the less one desires. This in turn sensitises one to the needs of their partner. It also enables them to meet those needs because they can develop their personality traits instead of being subject to self centred desires and the avarice generated by popular culture.

Ironically one gets more and not less because this potentially encourages oneís partner to reciprocate so not only is oneís needs likely to be met but one see himself more in his partner. In other words the partners make up the greater whole without sacrificing their individuality and in fact reinforce it by bringing out strengths they didnít know existed.

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