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What To Ask A Girl To Find Out If She Likes You


In our previous video we discussed four golden rules on how to enquire about a prospective match. Letís look at rule one: Know what to ask: One major flaw is that people fail to prioritise what really makes a date work. It will be helpful to think of this in terms of objective versus subjective information.

Objective information involves flawed character traits, definite health and emotional problems and so forth. Subjective information pertains to intelligence, looks, hobbies etc.

As a general rule objective information is more crucial for a successful marriage and this information must be sought. Subjective information, however, by its very nature is far less deterministic and thus neednít be sought as much objective information. The mistake people make is to emphasize subjective information in their enquiries resulting in an information overload, akin to looking at a tree instead of

the whole forest. Remember you must balance the need to protect yourself against taking some risks. So correctly prioritise what you ask when making enquiries about a prospective date.

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