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Why Do Marriages Fail (Part 7)

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For effective communication to take place between partners some old dysfunctional habits have to be broken. Though these habits are ingrained they nonetheless can be weeded out by devoting a few minutes a day of consistent exercises in having productive dialogues. For such dialogues to be effective they should have the following features:

  • Both partners should agree on a topic and schedule a specific time and place to speak. 
  • If the topic is a problem solving exercise then ideally problems should be prioritised to remove points of contention. 
  • If the topic is of a more mundane nature then it should be designed to identify common interests. 
  • The dialogue should be balanced with no monopolisation of time by either partner. 
  • Both partners should take turns listening and speaking with any questions asked to clarify issues. 

Though the dialogue is kept short, it is this brevity by its very nature that will maintain maximum interest. Moreover, if such dialogues are consistent applied then a few minutes a day starts adding up into significant amounts of time. It is the incremental application of this time that has the most power to replace negative habits with more productive one for effective communication.

Though it is vital for couples to agree on a topic, it is also very helpful to list some features that should characterise the topic at hand. This will not only identify what should be discussed but also help ensure that it would be discussed productively. So here are some tips:.

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