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Dealing With Rejection In Dating


Dealing With Dating Rejection

It is important to identify those situations which best bring out your confidence when dating. But how do you deal with rejections which inevitably happen. The first technique is not only identify those existing situations which work for you but think of always adding new means to network. This creates a so called safety net where you can utilize to source potential matches if your current date fails. However, truly overcoming and potentially growing from rejection should be independent of your situation. It is built in what is termed "pain tolerance"

When a person experiences pain their intrinsic response is to stop it or at least avoid it. In the context of dating this expresses itself by people limiting their interaction with others to avoid potential rejections. While this is valid for someone who has rejected you and is likely to do so again it becomes self defeating when you believe that this is going to be an inevitable consequence of interaction with potential dates. In others words instead of erecting a fortress you have instead built your own prison.

It is therefore vital to realise that your expectations and reality are not the same things. In our next blog we are going to explore this further by outlining 5 dating tips to bring down your self imposed prison wall and connect with others.

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