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Personal Empowerment
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personal empowerment

Anger Control

Effective Communication

Dating & Marriage Support

A comprehensive examination of anger techniques with exercises and case studies. The areas covered are:

  • beneficial effects of anger
  • individualised nature of anger
  • identifying negative feelings
  • core beliefs
  • positive mindset
  • simple techniques
  • avoidance
  • reframing
  • making incorrect assumptions
  • prioritisation
  • focusing on solutions
  • communications
  • patience
  • coping with flashacks
  • dealing with insults

A detailed overview of negative speech and how to contain it with exercises and case studies. The topics discussed are:

  • types of derogatory talk
  • propagation and effects of speech
  • timing and body language
  • identifying constructive purposes
  • release strategies
  • containment techniques
  • refining judgements and perceptions
  • marketing and advertising
  • art of listening
  • productive rebuke
  • handling ambiguous statements
  • how to make enquiries
  • labelling and stereotyping
  • lying to maintain peace
  • situational awareness

  • image versus the actual person
  • pitfalls of standard courting techniques
  • limitations of networking strategies
  • understanding dating sites
  • making constructive conversation
  • strategies for bonding
  • defining common goals
  • dealing with key areas of conflict
  • gender differences and its implications
  • alternatives to the gender difference paradigm
  • sex and the harmful effects of pornography
    Divorce support:
  • avoiding the courts
  • dealing with children
  • issues undermining the desire to remarry
  • preventation of another divorce

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